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Sales Tracking Software: Client Tracker

Client Tracker is a web based crm application for sales tracking that will handle entering leads and saving all history a sales person has with the client as they move through from a lead to a sale.
Each sales goal can be changed to your business model and the system will provide analysis of where sales are lost and won for each sales person you have on the system. This gives sales staff areas to focus on improvement as well as a management tool for checking how your staff are performing and a pipeline of work coming through the business.

Sales Tracking Software – Client Tracker Gallery:

Sales Tracking Software – Client Tracker Key Features:

  • Easy to use sales tracking software.
  • Easy to integrate into your existing website contact forms
  • Separate web based login off of your existing website for sales consultants
  • Mobile optimised – viewing on mobile devices only shows features most needed. Tablets and mobiles will display names with a call and email button directly from the page for each contact. Please check the image gallery above for examples of how the lead list changes when viewed on different devices.
  • The system allows saving of all data required for each client with 2 contacts per lead (e.g husband and wife on the one lead).
  • The system prompts sales people if they are already a client to avoid double entry of returning customers or previous inquiries.
  • Sales people can save items into their MS Outlook calendars as reminders. This allows them to plan meetings and follow up phone calls ahead of time and keep the sales lead engaged with your business.
  • The system is designed for multiple sales people with ownership of a lead, perfect for commission based salaries.
  • Lead to sale stages are customisable, e.g Initial contact, client meeting, contract, sale won, sale lost.
  • Provides analysis on what stage sales fall through for each sales person.
  • It allows targeted marketing emails and mail to specific types of clients. For instance sending thank you letters to won sales or a newsletter to clients who have yet to sign up.
  • The ability to store running numbers of walk in traffic to your business each week.
  • The system can either be hosted by your web host or by Renegade Designs.
  • System Management allows you to change questions required for input of a client without the need for program updates.
  • System security levels are customisable, allowing sales managers, sales consultants and admin to have their own setups
  • Any additional features you may require can be added and customised to your business without hassle.

User Testimonials

A really straight forward and easy to use CRM, which is certainly a very nice change. Many of the CRM’s I’ve used in the past are overly complicated and are off putting to use. – Liam Gleeson

Further Information

If you would like more details including pricing or receiving a free one week trial of the client tracking system please use the contact page and request a trial.