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Auto SMS Buddy – Auto SMS Software


Auto SMS Buddy – Auto SMS Software

Hobart Auto SMS SoftwareAuto SMS Software

Auto SMS Buddy is auto sms software that runs from your machine or your web host and will SMS your customers automatically any message or email you wish to send. You choose the parameters of the customers you want to target and it will handle the rest. The system will allow you to send targeted marketing information and promotions or reminders about upcoming bookings they may have with your business. You can also mass market to all of your customers if required.

The system is offered in an online version created in php with either your web host or hosted by us and in an offline version using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook. SMS rates are charged around 4c per message, however this depends on how much you pre-pay as larger amounts give more value for money per message.

For a full list on the pricing options available please check the messagenet pricing page
*note this is only the charge per SMS used for the auto SMS software. The software will be sold after a quote has been provided.

DKS Autoshop Customers

I have an existing auto SMS software via a Microsoft Access plugin program that will do this auto SMS service for you and link directly to your existing DKS Autoshop live data.

  • No need to re-key any information as all data will be live from the DKS program
  • You can target customers by odometer readings (eg. 60000km service is due)
  • Target customers by days before or after invoicing (eg. Your service is due tomorrow)
  • Target customers by months after an invoice as a follow up.
  • Want to send a special to all Toyota owners? Now you can.

Further Information

If you have a system in a different language than those above or would like further information, please contact us as I can modify the existing program to suite your needs.



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